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Émile Louis Picault Bronze Figures Of King Menthuophi And Queen Nitocris – Neoclassical Style Accessories

The legendary Queen Nitocris succeeded Menthuophis (who was either her brother or her husband) as ruler of Egypt following his murder circa 2200 BC. In Nitocris’ six year reign there were two particularly important events: the completion of the Third Pyramid and the dreadful revenge against the murderers of Menthuophis. Nitocris instigated the latter by organising a banquet for all the accomplices in a purposefully constructed underground chamber. During the feast the chamber was suddenly flooded with water channelled from the Nile through a hidden pipe. Everyone drowned apart from Nitocris herself, who had arranged an escape. Picault was a student under Royer and exhibited a wide genre of sculpture at the Salon between 1863-1909. His Egyptian figures are some of his most popular works. The present pair are also known under the alternative title of The Pharoah’s Gift and The Queen’s Offering.

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